Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Top Ten for Tuesday: top ten tv presenters

It's Tuesday! Hmm, not my favourite day either. But it does mean that it is time for another amusing insight into my opinionated mind for Top Ten for Tuesday. This week, I have compiled my favourite television presenters. They are all on their for different reasons - and will probably provide quite a lot of debate between readers. I have also named and shamed my top worst to. Don't judge the jourknow, he is just expressing his most humble opinion.

Top Ten TV Presenters

1. Sir Bruce Forsyth - the showbusiness legend, he has entertained our screens for decades. The King of saturday night can still hold his own above the rest, and still makes me laugh every weekend. Over 80, he is a national hero - or certainly one of mine anyway!

2. Graham Norton - another King, this time for Friday night. Graham Norton is one of the funniest TV presenters on-air, and his chat-show is perhaps the best in the UK. A younger Bruce Forsyth in the making, I think everyone loves a bit of Norton!

3. Fiona Bruce - one of the only reasons for watching the Antiques Roadshow, Bruce is a formidable journalist and one of the best female presenters in the country. As a journalist, I am particularly intrigued into her success, and long to follow in her footsteps one day.

4. Vernon Kay - OK, so he is cheesy and predictable, but the humour Kay adds to shows has made him the successful presenter he is, and why he is one of my favourite presenters in the UK. For light-entertainment, he is number one, or should be!

5. Claudia Winkleman - Her laugh is delightful, her presence is charming; Claudia Winkleman is one of the most desired TV hosts in the country. She has probably appeared on every channel, and her bubbly personality is really heart-warming.

6. Ant & Dec - the UK's favourite duo, they have won more presenting awards than most, and continue to delight viewers with their witty remarks and school-boy banter. A great partnership which is rare on most TV channels.

7. Chris Evans - now he might not be as popular as he once was, but Chris Evans is a television legend. His life story - read his autobiographies, they're brilliant - is one that is not only fascinating, but inspiring. I wish he was on TV more!

8. Anne Robinson - the wicked witch of UK TV, the formidable Anne Robinson - queen of mean - still never fails to entertain and inform audiences. One of the eldest female presenters in the business, she is still appealing to all generations.

9. Noel Edmonds - come on, who does not like Noel Edmonds? Like Chris Evans, he is not on TV enough. A legend in his hey day, and the face of one of the best TV shows in the country, he is an endearing face of prime-time TV who just gets better with age.

10. Barney Harwood - now you might ask why I  have included a CBBC presenter on here, but he is a firm favourite for kids across the country. In fact, all my generation would be able to recognise him if asked. Currently on Blue Peter, I expect great things for Harwood in the future.

Top Worst:
1. Eamonn Holmes
2. Holly Willoughby
3. Vanessa Feltz
4. Stephen Mullhern
5. Richard Hammond
6. Adrian Charles
7. Chris Hollins
8. Alexander Armstrong
9. Jonathan Ross
10. Tess Daly

Pictures Courtesy of Wikipedia
Opinion is that of my own!

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