Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Katya Virshilas axed from Strictly Come Dancing

We all now what a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing I am, so you can understand why I was eager to await the news of which professional dancers would be facing the cull this summer ahead of Series 10 of the award-winning, successful BBC dance show.

But alas, I feel slightly disappointed that the Beeb have only decided to axe one dancer, the strikingly beautiful but frequently irritating Katya Virshilas. Only one female dancer, what's all that about?

Ok, so Katya wasn't the strongest professional. She's only been onscreen for three seasons, and in the latest series, she was helpless at training bookie favourite Dan Lobb. In fact, he only lasted a few weeks before they were sent home by viewers.

Katya is pretty, yes, and she certainly has the skills but I don't think she had the personality to match. She seemed to be very cold towards the celebrities, the other professionals and the judges. Maybe she thought it was all about her, but I and a lot of other disgruntled viewers seem to think the same - she had too big an ego for the show to care about her celebrity partner.

But why stop the cull there? Why not get rid of a few others? The BBC have said that by axing Katya, they can bring in new, fresh dancers. But Katya was hardly old, and was one of a new bunch of dancers who shimmied across the dance floor a few years ago. And even with her faults, she wasn't the first name that came to mind.

So who else should have gone? Well, I personally feel that Erin, Anton and Brendan have had their time now. All three have been on the show since the start, and with the boys cases, their ego's seem to get ahead of themselves. Anton really has become the joke of the show, and yes the Beeb bosses use this to entertain the audiences, but even Anton must realise he's becoming the pantomime dame of the show (although I'm sure he doesn't mind too much.) Brendan's Mr Mean persona has now been stolen by James, and he's too old now. Erin, bless her, always gets the older celeb and, if I were her, I'd leave in protest.

I think Vincent and Flavia are contenders for the axe too. Vincent, the Italian lothario who comes across like an overdone chirizo sausage, has lost his cheeky chappy persona to the likes of Artem and Pasha. Flavia had a good year last year, where I think we finally saw her smile for the first time since Series 5, but would people really miss her if she was axed?

New dancers always bring new skills and talent to the dancefloor and it shows. The last few winners of Strictly have all been celebrities that have been trained by new professional dancers, with the oldies flagging from the start.

I realise that viewers have grown accustom to some of their favourite professionals, but like that old teddy bear you've had since birth, you've got to let go someday, and I for one am disappointed that the Beeb didn't get rid of more.

Maybe the move was to calm the already disgruntled audience, who are disappointed from the recent signing of Darcey Bussell as replacement judge for Alesha Dixon, who left for rival reality show Britain's Got Talent.

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