Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Men's Fashion: Gold, the new black?!

It seems that the success of our Olympians has spurned a surge in popularity with the colour gold here in Britain. From gold medals to gold post boxes, gold stamps to ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet re-entering the charts, our love of gold doesn’t just stop at the pawnbrokers. Yes, it’s time to step out with colour as we toast to Team GB’s success, and here are a few wardrobe essentials that will guarantee you a gold medal in the fashion stakes.

Gold (Gold) Yellow Zip Up Aztec Hoodie | 248915793 | New LookGolden Brown Skinny Chinos

                                         Navy & Gold combo - River Island
Golden Brown Chinos - Topman                                            Gold hoody with Aztec print - New Look


Blue (Blue) Blue Gold Medal T-Shirt | 252539040 | New Look                                             Libertine Libertine Yellow Crew Neck Sweater

                                           Golden-yellow jumper - Urban Outfitters
Golden-inspired jumper - H&M                                                           Gold medal tee - New Look

LTD Gold Bracelet Watch*        Gold Slab Notebook          

                                             Gold notebook - Urban Outfitters
Gold watch - Topman                                                             Gold wristbands - River Island

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