Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Spain Diaries: No.1 - the BA experience

Recently, the jourknow went on his second holiday this year to the sunny Costa Del Sol region of Spain, and following my previous diary format from my New Zealand adventures, I’ll be giving you a weekly insight into just a few of the sights and smells from my holiday in the sun.

Now it’s always been said that as soon as you set foot in the airport awaiting your departure, your holiday begins. The duty free, the flying, the screaming baby sitting next to you - these are all experiences which kick off the start of your summers break, and my journey to Spain was no different.

Well, it was a little different. You see, it was actually quite nice for a change. Always being one to sniff out a bargain, I was lucky to book a flight out with British Airways from London Gatwick to Malaga for only £50. Having never flown with the national airline, I was quite looking forward to the experience, and was surprised that when I tweeted BA, they were kind enough to tweet me back, telling me they were looking forward to me travelling with them.

On arrival at the airport, the BA check-in was a dream. All you had to do was key in a few details into one of the self-service check-in desks, print off your boarding pass and hand over your luggage. With BA, you’re allowed 23kg of luggage (3kg more than most other airlines), along with a piece of hand luggage and an option laptop bag. Pretty good if you’re planning on taking a lot with you on holiday.

Thinking that I was going to spending ages in the queue, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had enough time to truly experience the joys of duty free. A lovely meal in Café Rouge followed by a quick spray of all the perfumes quickly passed the time, and before long I was sat comfortably my window seat, waiting for the plane to take off.

The BA experience on board was fantastic. The free drinks and light meal all come included with the ticket, so it was great to save some money rather then spend it on highly inflated prices you usually pay for on your low-budget airlines. The service was great too, with cabin crew very friendly, ensuring the flight was comfortable for all passengers on board.

It was refreshing to relax, unwind and enjoy the start of my holiday before my holiday really began, and I was really happy with the service provided by British Airways. Many people might think they’re expensive as a chartered airline, but surprisingly, their service was far cheaper then any no-frills airline.

And it certainly kicked off a holiday that was full of sun, swimming and lots of San Miguel!

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    1. Hi Sujan, thanks for the comment. Sounds like you have an interesting job! Glad you enjoyed the blog, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, would love to hear more about your work :) thanks, Kieran