Friday, 14 September 2012

Just six months in to the job, Liberty Quays manager departs


Stefanie Triggs, manager of the Medway halls, is "no longer with the company" after a tumultuous term (written by Kieran Watkins for the Medwire)

Liberty Quays is on the lookout for a new manager, after losing yet another manager in the space of six months.
In an exclusive for the Medwire, a representative from Liberty Quays, run by Liberty Living, confirmed that Stephanie Triggs has now left the company after just six months as general manager of the halls in Gillingham.
Speaking to reporter Kieran Watkins this evening, receptionist Laura Forrest confirmed that Stephanie Triggs was no longer manager of Liberty Quays.
“She is no longer with the company”, Laura confirmed.
She went on to admit that there was no replacement as of yet, despite 600 University of Kent students moving in this weekend for the start of term, which commences on Monday, September 24.
The departure of Ms Triggs is the second manager to leave Liberty Quays in just a year. In February, former manager Doug Jarvis left Liberty after a series of allegations were made by students following bogus fines sent from management to students.
The fines, sent to a number of students at Liberty Quays, stated that fire extinguishers had been tampered with by students. Extinguishers were then taken from kitchens by management, with students facing charges of £60.00 to replace them.
However, following complaints and a successful petition created by Student Trustee Maya Esslemont, the fines were dropped. All extinguishers, which turned out to be un-tampered, were then placed back into kitchens.
Talking about the incident in July, Ms Triggs said Liberty Quays were “deeply sorry” for the incident, and that it put a “stain on our otherwise fantastic reputation.”
Although Liberty Quays declined to comment on the reason for Ms Triggs departure, the exit comes after 150 signatures were signed by disgruntled students, parents and members of the public, all angry with conditions and service provided by Liberty.
Extortionate check-out charges, mice infestations and rude, negligent staff were all mentioned in the comments, which can be seen on the online petiton.

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