Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Spain Diaries: No.2 - sun, swimming and…more sun and swimming!

It’s safe to say that when you go on holiday, you expect to relax. In fact, when you go to Spain, it should be pretty much guaranteed. With the gorgeous sunshine, sizzling temperatures and stunning scenery, there’s no better way to watch the world go by then sunbathing in the Costa Del Sol.

And that’s exactly what I did do when I arrived in Spain on a recent holiday. After completing my first year at university, I wanted nothing more but to get away and forget about my impending results. Staying with family in the Spanish countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the UK, and the Internet, I was able to relax and unwind.

Despite coming over to Spain several times in the past to see my Grandparents, who live in a very traditional, quaint Spanish village called Tapia in the heart of the Costa Del Sol, the area never fails to amaze me. Mountains in the distance, covered in olive groves in between which are tiny casa’s and villages, all majestically dazzling in the sunshine. Paradise right!?

Paradise indeed. As we sat, drinking ice cold cervezas from the pool, we couldn’t help but laugh at the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere the locals seem to embrace. The Spain we see on the news might be rocked by riots and financial ruin, but it’s not apparent when you’re over here. Despite the hardship, all the people are friendly and welcoming, smiling and nodding “ buenos tardes” and what not throughout the day.

But with temperatures this high - high 40’s most days - who has time for small talk? The only way to enjoy this weather is a dip in the pool, looking out at the glorious views and enjoying the company of your family. As my pictures show, I did just that!
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