Thursday, 27 June 2013

Universities remain 'committed' to campus bar Coopers

Kent and Greenwich universities have both confirmed they are “committed” to keeping the Medway campus bar Coopers open.

The future of the bar, which is the only venue on the Medway campus in Chatham Maritime with a licence to serve alcohol, had been in doubt following several rumours of an apparent closure.
Dismissing the rumours that the pub may be forced to close, Louise Dancy, Marketing Manager for Kent Union said: “Both the University of Kent and the University of Greenwich have committed funding for Greenwich and Kent Students’ Unions Together (GK Together).
“Part of that funding is specifically to continue to operate Coopers Bar at Medway.
“All institutions, Universities and Unions involved in the partnership, feel that the student experience at Medway is a priority and are committed to developing and delivering a fantastic student experience at the Medway campus, including through Licensed Trade Activities.”
Coopers, managed by Gareth Gay, currently employs around 18-20 staff throughout the year.
Despite the drop in student numbers on the Medway campus, Dancy went on to confirm that Coopers “had performed well financially”, seeing a 14% rise in sales from the previous year.
“This shows a clear demand for social space from the student population. All institutions are in continued discussions about longer term social space including a non-licensed premises”, she added.
The Medwire has learned that Coopers will stay open for at least another year, with the bar once again hosting the campus Freshers Week in September.
The Medwire also asked for information on Coopers profits, but these were unable to be disclosed.

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