Monday, 7 May 2012

Men's Fashion: the Man Bag

When it comes to going out, us men are easy. Get washed, shaved and dressed to then walk out the door with a few necessities; wallet, ID and mobile. You don't really need anything else.

Or do you? Because if the latest fashion trends are anything to go by, men are becoming dependent on accessories. And with more accessories, you need something to store them in. Yes, the Man Bag.

The Man Bag has been around for a while, but it's noticeably more popular now than ever before, and it seems like the moods of those who condemned them are changing.

But why do you need one? Well, if you're like me and many other blokes I know, the 21st century man is fashion conscious and needs his appearance to be impeccable 24/7. If I go out for the evening, I tend to just keep to the bare essentials, but when at work/ out for the day, the list of accessories expands. Deodorant, aftershave, gel, umbrella (you never can tell when the British weather is likely to turn), my iPod, a book (occasionally) and so on. Some of you may need a bag for glasses, a drink, food, cigarettes etc.

You get the picture. The man of today needs his own bag, and here are some of the top bags for different occasions.

School/ College bag:
(The canvas rucksack is really in this season, replacing the messenger bag. Block colours are best for school, but if you fancy going for something more daring on the playground, try Aztec patterns or stripes.)
Vintage Surplus Leather Trim Canvas Rucksack   
River Island/ Fred Perry at Debenhams/ Urban Outfitters

Everyday rucksack:
(You can't go wrong with the simple rucksack design. It's practical, because you can fill it up or just use it to carry a few things.)

Eastpak Padded Pak’rYellow Canvas Rucksack

Westpac at Next/ Topman/ H&M

Gym/ short vacation bags:
(The holdall was really popular last year, and is still in fashion with the barrel holdall complimenting last years designs.)
Sand Barrel HoldallNavy and Orange Nylon Bag    Soul Cal Deluxe Barrel Bag
Burton/ Republic/ Next 

Shopping bag:
(This is the ideal bag for a guy that might be out all day shopping but needs a bag to store all those essential items I mentioned above. Plus, you can help the environment by using this to store your new items!)

Image 1 of Will Shopper BagCream Long Live London Shopper

Asos/ Topman/ H&M

Work bag:
(For the man with the top job, you need to look swish. Leather bags are still very popular, and can either be carried or hung from your shoulder.)

Ted Baker Tec Baker Frence Leather Messenger BagTuition Class

River Island/ Clarks/ Ted Baker at Boros

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