Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blog of the Week: Besotted with Books

So summer is nearly upon us, which means putting your feet up (if you're a student like me) for a few months and hopefully flying off to somewhere hot and exotic for a bit of sightseeing and travelling. Or if you'd rather, sun, sex and Sambuca if you're into that.

But if you're more cultured, like myself, then you'll waste no time checking out the local tourist spots and rich heritage on your holiday, as well as cramming any spare time with a good read.

Which is why this weeks Blog of the Week is fantastic. You see, I'm one of those people that just grabs any old book on offer from Waterstones (usually when they're on 3 for 2) which looks interesting. A quick read of the blurb, a scan of the front cover and I'm done. Well, so long as it fits nicely into the action/ adventure/ crime category.

Besotted by Books however has helped me expand my own personal library. Featuring a mix of reviews, news and opinion on all things books, the blog has a refreshing yet comprehensive line up of books.

Appealing to the Adult/ YA age groups, the blog is run by Natalie Frampton, a fond friend of mine and former colleague, who juggles her busy family life and work on top of running the blog.

Natalie is often my number one source for all things books, and I am forever bumping into her in Waterstones (I would put money on the fact that she is the Alton branch's number one customer!) Her knowledge in her field is evident, just ask some of her 240 odd followers on her blog!

What I like most about her blog is that she combines different online elements to form a really unique, professional blog. Her YouTube videos are fantastic, and she really interacts well with her followers. She is an avid user of Twitter too, so has all the bases covered.

A recent review of hers led me to buying 'A Night to Remember', the book based on the tales of passengers on the Titanic. Struggling to choose which Titanic novel to pick, I read the review and asked Natalie herself for her advise. Eventually, after three nights of little sleep, I had finished the book and was over-the-moon with a new addition to add to my book shelf. The book was fantastic, and no doubt I, like many others who follow her blog, owe Natalie a big thank you.

You can find her blog here: Besotted with Books
You can also follow Natalie on Twitter: @NatFrampton

Picture Courtesy of Besotted with Books

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