Monday, 13 February 2012

Blog of the Week: Catastrophic Findings

This week, the jourknow launches his new feature - Blog of the Week - which every week will feature a blog that the jourknow has stumbled upon. Providing a brief overview of what the blog contains etc, this new feature promises to uncover a variety of interesting and original blog ideas.

This weeks blog: Catastrophic Findings

If you have been reading my New Zealand diaries, following my trip to New Zealand, you will probably have realised I love to travel. I love the food, the different cultures and the climate and surroundings. Before I went on my trip, I happened to talk to someone over Twitter, who was also planning to travel to New Zealand and Australia over Christmas. A coincidence perhaps, that he also travelled to places I have visited. Her name is Ai, and you can follow her through @misochubby

Her blog, Catastrophic Findings, shares some of the same loves I have, featuring an array of posts on food and travels. She "endeavours to capture memories of my travels", and uses photos particularly in telling the story of her adventures.

Her blog has not only helped to reminisce in my adventures, but also made me think about the use of photographs in 'telling the story' of an event, or in her case, a holiday. This is something I have lately been discussing in lectures, and has re-ignited my theory that photos are just as powerful as video or words in conveying a story or news item.

If you do anything today, check out Ai's blog, and view New Zealand, and many other places, through her detailed and fantastic blog.

The link is:

Pictures Courtesy of Ai and Catastrophic Findings

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