Monday, 27 February 2012

Alex Crawford - a short introduction

Last week, I was lucky and privileged to meet, along with the rest of my journalism class, the award winning journalist and Sky News Special Correspondent Alex Crawford OBE.

Alex, who has won three Royal Television Society journalism awards, is best known for reporting live in Libya during the Arab Spring last year, where she was one of the very few journalists who was able to report, right from the centre of Tripoli in Green Square, on the uprising in the middle east.

Speaking out in front of trainee journalists at the Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent, Alex spoke with sincerity about her work in Libya, describing how she was often in the middle of gunfire. She spoke to rebels with ease, and her reports from inside hospitals and Bab al-Azizia clearly show her determination and skill at her job. Her emotive account touched the hearts of many students in the audience, including myself, as she showed us clips from her award-winning reporting.

The clip I have added with this blog post is just a small taste of the ground-breaking reporting Alex achieved in Libya. Her ambition and approach to reporting on the conflict left the world speechless, and has left many journalists in awe. - Just one example of Alex reporting from Libya - Satirical rap between Alex and one of the rebels

A big thank you to Alex and her team for all they accomplished in Libya. They truly are a credit to the currently damaged world of Journalism.

*Alex was appearing at the Centre for Journalism for the annual Bob Friend Memorial Lecture, which is dedicated to the late Bob Friend. The lecture also presents an award to one first year journalist who has been awarded a months work placement, and their first year university fees paid for, by Sky News. Well done to Jem Collins who was awarded this years award (despite the Jourknow being shortlisted - no sour grapes!)

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

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