Thursday, 2 February 2012

Come fly with Manchester Airport...just don't expect any change!

I almost feel my blog should become a specialist in Travel, for it seems I spend an increasing amount of my time writing more and more articles criticising the Travel Industry - from airports to customer service.

But the latest news to come from the aviation industry really takes the biscuit. I was shocked to read that Manchester Airport, one of the biggest airports in the UK, is going to start charging customers to use their new luggage trolleys.

Not content with already asking travellers to pay a pound to use the contraptions - which is refunded once the contraption is returned - it seems bosses at the northern-based airport want to punish holidaymakers even further.

They claim the £1 trolley fee is to help replace the currently dated trolley collection with a brand-spanking new one. The new design comes with a range of glitzy features, which presumably put any car you have just hired through Hertz to shame. A lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre, GPS enabled trolley which reflects the 21st century traveller. Because it is these tiny and patented details you really care about, as you rush to get to the Easyjet check-in before Stelios closes the desk.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport claims the £1.3 Million overhaul will benefit all customers, despite the airport admitting that only 5% of passengers currently use the luggage trolleys.

But don't despair! If you have only Euro's in your pocket, or just a credit card, you can still pay to use the fad-ulous vehicle. So you can still take it out for a test drive, only after you have forked out on car parking, coffee, administration fee's and everything else.

The new system comes into force in early April. In my view, I would keep a close eye on any local Manchester refuse sites. Because a whole load of trolleys are going to be dumped their soon, and it may just be a cost-effective investment if you can get your hands on one, before Manchester Airport gets their hands on your wallet!

Picture Courtesy of Yahoo!

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