Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Skyfall: All the latest on the new James Bond Film

For James Bond fans, the last few months have been full of anticipation for the new film, Skyfall. At a glitzy press conference late last year, fans were finally told details around the latest film, to much applause and excitement. And with the first official photos released today, enthusiasm for the latest instalment in the long running franchise reached fever-pitch. Here is a previous post of all the details of the new film, along with the new photo.

With the end of Twilight this season, and Harry Potter all but an emotional scar on my memory, British cinema is in need of a new and revived film series to fill up the current gap left by some of the best blockbusters of the decade. Therefore, I was overly reassured and equally excited at the prospect of possibly the best film series of Britain, one so engrossed in our culture it is undoubtedly recognised by pretty much everyone. Need a few clues? Well the names Bond. ‘James Bond’.

Yes, everyone’s favourite agent will be hitting screens next year; and at its glossy press launch last week, there were more than a few shaken reporters - definitely NOT stirred - as details of the new film were announced.

Now if you are a Bond fan like me, you will be quick to point out that much of the press release was made public thanks to the rumour-mill going into over-drive a few weeks ago. The producers themselves even admitted the new title, the intriguingly named ‘Skyfall’, was “the worst-kept secret in London”. Skyfall has no distinct link to any of the Ian Fleming stories, the writer behind the famous spy, and is loosely linked to the most recent film in the series, Quantum of Solace. The suspense is already empowering!

However, if you look back even further, details were already emerging over the summer. Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harries were all being linked to the new movie, the 23rd in the mammoth series, by various newspapers and media outlets. Naomie

The new cast join the familiar furniture too; English gent Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, along with national treasure Judi Dench. With locations for filming spanning the world; rumoured to include Turkey, China, London and Scotland, it promises to be just as gritty and classy as its predecessors were.

Perhaps the ‘make or break’ of the film will be the new face sitting in the directors chair. Sam Mendes, who directed the critically claimed American Beauty, will be taking the reigns, along with James Bond producers Barbara Brocolli and Michael J.Wilson. Although Mendes was announced as director back in 2008, his role will be eagerly anticipated by fans of the franchise, who criticised the direction of Quantum of Solace by director Mark Foster.

A plot that promises to target the establishment itself and an estimated budget topping £125m; who knows what MI6 has to offer us. With filming already commencing, I would imagine sex, glamour, murder, suspense with a hit of British class is all on the agenda for the new movie. With just under a year to the world premiere in London, the whole world will have to wait patiently in content for the next instalment from one of our nations best serials. I for one cannot wait Mr Bond.

Picture taken from Digital Spy

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