Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Could Coopers be coming back....?

Here is an article I have written for the Medwire magazine, a student-run company based on the Medway campus at the university.

Coopers has changed. Like an ugly duckling turning into something altogether more attractive, it seems Coopers might be the new beacon of hope for our Medway nightlife.

It is safe to say that Coopers has had a fair amount of stick in the last few months. Since I arrived at the University of Kent last September, I have been a somewhat irregular punter to the on-campus bar. The ongoing staff troubles, lack of entertainment and bleak atmosphere had turned me off the idea of spending my precious student loan in the SU bar, preferring to gallivant off in the town centre instead.
But that is all about to change. Because recently, Coopers has had something of a revival. Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes in Harry Potter, the bar has changed its appeal, its menu and more importantly, its prices, in an attempt to attract those who walked away at the beginning.
A new management team are now in place, and the staff seem to be a lot happier with the new situation. The atmosphere has brightened, and it has become a much more social place to have a drink, relax and unwind from hard-core studying.
Coopers has begun to offer things we students value the most – cheap drinks and good entertainment. The new management has introduced a range of great deals and offerings to tease are taste buds with, but without denting our bank balances! A comprehensive list is printed at the end of this article, but some of the best deals include £1.50 for a pint of Snakebite, Carlsberg and Strongbow, Monday to Friday from 7 till 11pm. For a non-alcoholic beverage, J20 is only £1.25 for any flavour. If you fancy a shot, Jagerbombs are now £2 all day, everyday.
If you are feeling cold, Curry Tuesdays are a great way to warm yourself up, with a Curry, Rice, Naan Bread and Pint for only £4.95.
Besides food and drink, Coopers are now offering an exciting range of entertainment. A mix of live music, including the legendary Open Mic night on Tuesdays, is still on every week, along with all the seasonal sport matches, currently including the Six Nations and selected football matches. The quiz machine and pool table remains popular with students, and if that is not enough, the bar team are well known to show off a dance move or sing you a song. And with rumours of the Events Society teaming up again with Coopers to help publicise and organise new events in the coming months, it looks set that there will be plenty of events to go to in the not-to-distant future.
On a recent night out at Coopers, I was pleasantly surprised. It was busy, with a friendly and inviting atmosphere that made me want to stay and spend my money. I enjoyed it, so if you fancy a cheaper, more relaxed but still as fun night out, then head down to Coopers on the Medway campus, and support out student bar. You will not be disappointed.
Current Deals list:
Mon – Fri: 7pm – 11pm:
£1.50 – Snakebites, Carlsberg and Strongbow.
£1.25 – All J2O Flavours.
Curry Tuesdays!
Come Down and add a some flavour into your Tuesday.
Curry, Rice, Naan Bread and a Pint for only £4.95
Sat-Sun: 1pm-7pm
Come down and watch the sport on our TVs and see your team win!
Follow the Six Nations throughout February and March.
£1.75 – Snakebite, Carlsberg, Strongbow
£2.00 – Kronenberg and Guinness
Coopers Platter – £4.95 (Chicken Nuggests, Scampi, Garlicc Bread, Onion Rings, Curly Fries)
Coopers Brunch – £3.95 (2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, Egg, Chips, Beans, Tomato)
… Jagerbombs are now £2 ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You can read more from students on the Medwire website:

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