Wednesday, 9 January 2013

So what was the greatest event of 2012?

Wow. Therefore, 2012 has gone, departed, left us for a completely new year full of dreams, worries and who knows what else. Despite claims we would all be killed in 2012 (those Mayans must be kicking themselves), we are all still here and the majority of us are still healthy.

So what will 2013 offer us? A year of hope? Well with the country still bracing itself for more cuts, money is still tight and we are likely to continue to feel the pinch.

Nevertheless, we have lots to look forward to. Thanks to 2012 and the Olympic legacy, the whole country seems to be going sporting mad. Up and down the country, people are digging out their dusty rackets or oiling their bike chains and getting fit again. Already I have booked a gym induction and started my night-time routine of sit-ups and press-ups. Who needs a night cap when you can have a deadly concoction of exercise and more exercise instead?

The Olympics were undoubtedly the biggest talking point of 2012. Forget the budget, forget Gangnam Style; London was the focal point for all of Britain and indeed the world. The country was painted gold as we celebrated the achievements of Wiggo, Ennis, Farah and co. For me, it was personal journey that I loved every minute of. Having the chance to work at the Olympics, see some of the sporting action and indeed the athletes at the parade was fantastic, an opportunity I shall treasure forever.

The Olympics even overshadowed the Queen to become the nation’s event of 2012. Poor Liz just could not compare to the Spice Girls, Sir Chris Hoy or Ellie Simmonds in the Paralympics. Yes, we had two sporting events this year to give us something to smile about; the Paralympics were just as successful and just as exciting as the Olympics, despite the fact most of us forgetting about the Paralympics.

It is a tribute to the fantastic efforts of so many of our sporting stars that many of our Olympic heroes are being awarded knighthoods and honours. All of them thoroughly deserve the attention and glory, they did our country proud and we will never forget what they have achieved. It leaves me teary eyed to think the Olympics won’t be back on this year, but alas, we have plenty of other sporting events to look forward to in the future; the Rugby World Cup, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014, and of course Rio in 2016. I’m already tempted to dig out my maracas and join the party in Rio as a volunteer!

So raise your glass to 2012, a year of sport, the year the UK put aside its problems and joined in the celebrations to mark what was perhaps the most successful Olympics ever witnessed by the world. Well done Great Britain, well done 2012!

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