Wednesday, 9 January 2013

So which baby will be crowned King (or Queen) of 2013?

Earth will welcome two exciting additions to the already over-packed world that we call home today, but the question I ask is, which new addition will be most popular.

I am of course talking about babies. Two couples announced they were pregnant last year to much publicity and excitement. The unborn girls or boys will catch the attention of all the media when they eventually arrive on the planet.

The first baby to get excited about is of course the Royal baby. Last year, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced, after intense scrutiny by the media and numerous rumours, that they were indeed expecting their first child. An eventual heir to the throne, this little boy or girl will be much talked about when it eventually arrives later on this year. A life in front of the cameras, a Mum and Dad as Queen and Kind, lots of money paid by the taxpayer; that baby is certainly going to have it all. I have already started thinking about names. I reckon Victoria if a girl, George if a boy (Diana will probably be a middle name).

It is great news for the UK, who after the Olympics and the jubilee, need a little pick-me-up to get us through the year. The Royal Baby could prove just the ticket, and with the Royal’s popularity increasing to record figures, the baby will no doubt add to the Royal’s support.

However, the Royal baby faces competition from showbiz royalty, the Queen of Reality TV, Kim Kardashian. Whether it surprises you or not, Kim has announced she is preggers with her first baby. 2012 proved quite interesting for Kim, an A-list celebrity in her own right, despite most people being unable to understand why she‘s famous. She broke up with her husband after just 92 days as man and wife, launched her clothing line in the UK and started dating rapper Kanye West. Now the couple have announced their first baby, despite Kim still waiting on her divorce to be granted from Kris Humphries.

Kim, no stranger to the limelight, will do anything to stay in the magazines, so it is no surprise that some of the media have attacked this pregnancy as another media stunt. Whatever it is, it is great to see her happy. No doubt we will all be watching the baby escape from the womb on the E! Channel this summer. I for one welcome the news. Maybe she will stick with the ‘K’ theme and call it after me. Kieran Kardashian has a nice ring to it!

Whatever happens, both babies will be on the front pages of all the magazines and newspapers later this year, and with Kim and Kanye planning on a London love nest, who knows what will happen. Maybe the two babies will end up going to the Montessori together. Somehow, I don’t think the Queen will allow it!

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