Sunday, 13 November 2011


(Celebrating my first night at uni
which I've cleverly exploited to look like
I'm celebrating the launch of my blog to.
If it wasn't for the date, you'd all be none the wiser!)

Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Howdy. Welcome!

Well a guy has to make an entrance. Welcome to the jourknow. A new blog, created by me, Kieran, all about giving the public an interesting array of stories. Whether it be debates, articles of interest, news stories internationally, locally or just randomly, comment or opinion reviews, interviews or just the odd random post -  this site won't promise to be the best blog or best news site, but it will aim to provide you with an alternative source of daily news.

OK, so the pleasantries are over with. I hope you're still with me, and continue to stick with the site.

I guess the first thing to do would be to introduce myself properly. Now if I could, I'd have a cleverly directed vox-pop interview uploaded, complete with SFX and low-key lighting. Instead you get a short and concise paragraph. Or two.

I'm a first year undergraduate student, studying at the University of Kent. Born in Surrey, raised in Hampshire with three brothers, and now living in Kent - I'm country born, and proud of it.
I live for all things news. Starting as a paper boy (ironically) and making my way up to editor of my college magazine for 14 months, as well as work experience at The Guardian and now working towards my degree, my goal in life is to become the next Parky (well, a guy can dream!)

Away from my future career, I do (trust me) have a normal life. I love reading, going to the gym, being with friends, posting on Twitter, listening (and often dancing) to my ipod, shopping, travelling and generally, to use the old saying, living life to the full.

A bit of a snob? Probably. Vain? Debatable. At times controversial? Widely accepted. Funny and ambitious? Agreed! Make your own opinions about me, but what comes down to it, is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life with a colourful ambition.

...and if you're still here after all that, then I thank you, apologise and look forward to the journey....

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  1. Very swish Kieran. Looking forward to seeing more :D xx