Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Offaly good! How offal is back on the menu

I wrote this little article today in class about Offal food, and thought it might be worth adding to the website. I’m really interested in what people have to say about Offal food (Offal literally stands for the shitty bits of meat no one ever likes – tongue, trotter, cheek, heart, liver, kidneys etc).
I personally cannot stand eating offal. I remember having Liver and Onions cooked by my Mum (who may read this – in which case, sorry Mum, I don’t wish to offend your cooking!) It was awful – chewy, tasteless and inedible. I turned my nose up at it and chucked it in the bin.
However, I realise these testing times require cash-strapped families to try cheaper alternatives, and so maybe Offal is for you? I know in Spain, Pig Cheek is considered a luxurious delicacy – so who knows, prove me wrong, and maybe I’ll be interested. At least try anyway!
It is usually considered the ugly duckling of haute cuisine and frequently ignored on the supermarket shelf. However, with rising food prices and cash-strapped families looking for cheaper alternatives at tea time, offal food is making a welcome return to the UK.
At a recent campaign in Trafalgar Square, the Feeding the 5K lunch, organised by campaigners, called for families to eat more offal in an effort to reduce food waste and offer cheaper food alternatives.
Moreover, the UK supermarket chain Morrisons – realising the potential for offal – have revealed today a new wider range of offal products to appeal to the nation.
Featuring kidneys, heart and liver from a wide range of animals, including Pig and Lamb, the country’s fourth biggest supermarket chain, prides itself on preparing its own meat before selling it in store.
Andrew Smith, Head of Meat Trading, said: “Our business allows us to offer more diverse meat.”
He added: “This helps us keep waste down...as well as offering more unusual meats for our customers.”
Hope this didn't put anyone off their dinner!

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