Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Top Ten: Celebrities in the news this week

OK, so love them or hate them, celebrity inspired news stories create massive profit for all newspaper owners - despite what their editors or critics might say. Whether it's a quick glance at Page 3 of the Sun, a snippet from the Daily Express or a flick through glossy OK Magazine; we love to talk about them, know what they are wearing, doing, dating etc...so it seems only fair to create a Top Ten for Tuesday on the glitzy world that is, Celebrities. Here are ten celebs who are in the focus of the press this week:

1) Sir Jimmy Saville - after his death last month, his funeral last week touched the hearts of many a fan of the former 'Jim'll Fix It' host. The TV legend will be missed by all, whether it be his trademark clothing or trademark catchphrases. So when I read the news this morning that 'Jim'll Fix It' is making a comeback this Christmas,  I was shocked. Has he come back from beyond his concrete-filled grave, or was it a hoax? No, it's Alfie from 'Eastenders' (Shane Richie) presenting a one-off Christmas version of the show, in dedication to the late star. I'm sure plenty of fans will be pleased that his memory lives on for future generations

2) Pudsey Bear - he might not be 'real', but he is the face of possibly the best and most popular programme of the year, as well as one of Britain's most loved charities. Yes, it's that time of year again. 'Children in Need' is back this weekend, with a live show on Friday that promises to showcase some of the best TV talent the UK and worldwide has to offer, all for a fantastic cause - and that's just the BBC newsreaders! You can expect to see Pudsey everywhere; from the local cake sale, to the Manchester Rocks! concert. Not bad for a teddy bear, who counts Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, and of course, Sir Terry Wogan, as his friends!

3) Ant & Dec - the delightful-but-heavily-used-by-ITV duo are back on our screens this week, presenting the new series of 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'. It's a show which gets a bunch of z-list stars, throws them in the Ozzy outback and feeds them on a diet of insects and kangaroo testicles, for those of you who didn't know. It's trash TV at it's best, but without their comic take on the days events, it would hardly be successful. After all, the boys are perhaps the best presenting duo on the box.

4) Rihanna - away from the land of telly, pop pin-up RiRi is dominating the charts right now. Her endless music duets and collaborations seem to getter better and better, with her current single, 'We found love' featuring Calvin Harris, top of the charts in the UK. Her new single, 'Talk That Talk', promises to be just as good as her predecessors. I for one cannot wait!

5) Kim Kardashian - yes, a name that keeps on appearing everywhere. But who is she? Well, in my own opinion, she's an American version of Katie Price, but more classy, more famous and more prettier! She came into the spotlight for producing a sex tape, appearing in a number of reality shows (most of which she stars with her family in 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'), releasing a perfume and perhaps her most famous asset being her *ahem* derriere! More recently, her very public marriage with NBA player Kris Humphries ended after just 72 days, causing many media outlets to deem the wedding a publicity stunt. Hoax or no hoax, it's proving her popular with the press - and if you really don't know who she is, you're not watching the news for long enough!

6) Beyonce - another debate being staged across the Internet, is whether singer-actress-goddess Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. Pictures emerged over the weekend of an apparent 'flat-chested' Beyonce singing on 'Tonight with Jimmy Fallon' in the US. Although reports suggested the performance was recorded in July - it is not the first time Beyonce's pregnancy has come into question.
I guess we'll have to wait for the birth of destiny's child soon! (Couldn't help myself with that joke!)

7) Lindsay Lohan - moving over to the acting world, she's another star continually in the spotlight, all for the wrong reasons of course. Lohan, who starred in 'Mean Girls' before her life spiralled out of control, is again in and out of court and prison, this time for stealing jewellery. As the world tires of praying for her to recover, let's hope she can really sort her life out. Although I don't hold your breath on it.

8) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - teenagers across the globe are sobbing as the King and Queen of the vampire world perform one last time as vampires Edward and Bella in the last film from the 'Twilight' franchise, 'Breaking Dawn'. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the on-screen and off-screen couple are adored everywhere, and will be sadly missed from our screens.

9) Dawn French - comedy genius Dawn has been out and about showing her dramatic new weight loss, and what a transformation. Deciding not to go for the Fern Britton treatment, opting instead for natural dieting, Dawn has shed the pounds in the last year, and looks fantastic. Her 'French & Saunders' co-star Jennifer Saunders even said "she was not the larger one" of the pair! Well done Dawn.

And finally....

10) Doctor Who - OK, so again like Pudsey, not real, but character aside, this promises to be the biggest storyline of this month, and looks to be debated, argued and supported by fans. Yes, the big news this week was the announcement that the BBC, together with 'Harry Potter' director David Yates, are looking to produce a big-screen adaptation of Doctor Who in the next few years. Hooray! Hold on though. They want to create a brand new movie, away from the current TV series, and launch it separately? Well that is the idea, and one that has got fans of the Doctor up in arms about the plans. How will it work? Will they cancel the 'Doctor Who' series on TV, which saw a reduction in ratings this year? Who knows, but keep watch for that blue police box Britain, it could be appearing in the media soon!

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