Monday, 12 March 2012

Opportunities for aspiring journalists

It is not everyday where I flick through a newspaper and see so many opportunities for a young journalist. But today was one of those days. If you had the chance to pick up a copy of The Guardian this morning, you will have noticed many of the exciting opportunities for young journalists, to not only be inspired and gain knowledge in the field of journalism, but also garner experience through some exciting opportunities. If you did not happen to pick up the latest copy however, I have listed below some of the opportunities I came across.

  1. The Guardian International Development Journalism Competition 2012 - this fantastic competition offers a unique opportunity for aspiring journalists to report on key issues in the developing world. The challenge is to write a feature of 650 to 1,000 words by Thursday 3 May at 23.59pm on an aspect of global poverty that deserves greater media exposure. 16 finalists will then be chosen, and flown out to a developing country to write up on a key new issue. Two winners will then be chosen, and given awards in London at the end of the year. The competition is free, and supported by major companies and NGO's. A fantastic opportunity for a journalist with dreams of reporting from abroad.
  2. Panorama (8:30pm tonight, BBC 1) - Any journalist should be glued to the ongoing coverage of the phone hacking scandal, and tonight's episode of Panorama looks closely at Rupert Murdoch's news empire, where journalist Vivian White investigates allegations of corruption in tonight's episode, "Murdoch's TV Pirates." Well worth a watch.
  3. The Guardian Student Media Awards - Another Guardian-led item, this fantastic opportunity will help kick start a journalist's dream by helping nominate student reporters for awards and prizes. Awards cover photographers to broadcasters, critics to feature writers. These awards are a great opportunity for young journalists to showcase their work, and get a foot on the ladder to success. May as well try your luck!
  4. Frost on Interviews (9:00pm tomorrow, BBC 4) - I do not know about you, but Sir David Frost is one of my favourite broadcast journalists, and this exceptional new series sees him interviewing famous chat show hosts and other gruelling reporters, as he delves into the history of the interviewing trade. For anyone interested in broadcast journalism looking to get a few tips on interview technique and style, this is the show for you. A must!

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