Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blog of the Week: Tasha on TV

It is a necessity in the winter, if not all year round, to stay in on a weekend, curl up on the sofa and watch the latest tv shows, flicking through various channels until you find the one that is perfect for you. But it can be monotonous, frustrating and rather tiresome, to the point where you just give up and settle for a DVD.

Which is why this week's Blog of the Week is so helpful at picking the choice that is right for you. Tasha on TV offers a review of many of the UK's top reality TV formats, currently including Dancing on Ice and Let's Dance for Sport Relief, to favourites like Strictly Come Dancing in the autumn.

Natasha, who writes the blog, is a self-confessed telly-holic, with an array of knowledge ranging from the nations favourite soap operas, to the newest television dramas. Often opinionated, her posts not only inform, but entertain too. As a fellow blogger, and friend, her blog never fails to inspire me.

Accompanying her blog, is her fabulous Twitter account, where she tweets regularly, usually as she watches the programme. Boasting a following of over 1,500 - she is followed by celebrities including Phillip Schofield and many of the Strictly professional dancers - she offers a unique opportunity for television fans to catch up and communicate about their favourite shows, giving Harry Hill a run for his money!

So if you want to find out the latest on anything TV, whether it be the latest news or whether you just fancy slating the most recent episode of Dancing on Ice, Tasha on TV is for you.

 You can read her blog by following the link: Tasha on TV. You can also follow Natasha on Twitter: @tashalouise6 or @tashaontv

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