Monday, 26 March 2012

Blog of the Week: Midomi

This week's Blog of the Week, a website dedicated to finding that annoying tune that is stuck in your head, is not really a blog, but still deserves its accolade as 'the jourknow's' Blog of the Week.

Today, after hopelessly failing to find a song which has been in my head for the last month, I stumbled upon this fantastic website that was featured in an article on how to find that song that just will not disappear from your mind.

We all have experienced it right? That annoying moment when you are humming a tune, but have no idea as to who sang it, and what the lyrics are. I could remember certain words, but after several failed attempts on searches of both Google and YouTube, I had near enough given up.

But then, as if by magic, Midomi appeared. It offers a unique service where, with the use of a microphone, you can hum to the tune that is stuck in your head, and Midomi will find the song you're looking for. Not only does it allow you to search for the song, but you can then socialise and connect with other people.

It gives you a competent collection of songs, albums and artists, rivalling all other sites that focus on the same 'query by humming' search. It took a little while to find the one I was after, but a few failed attempts later, I eventually found the song I was looking for. And now I have the song downloaded onto my ipod, freeing up space in my head for something else of little importance.

You can use Midomi on your computer, or you can download their popular app onto your Iphone or Android mobile. It's completely free, and easy to use. Just make sure you hum clearly and loudly. The more of the tune you know, the better the result will be. I attempted to sing some of the words, only to find I was totally off the mark. Oh, and you might want to sing in the privacy of your own bedroom, to save further embarrassment!

So the next time you struggle to find that Barbra Streisand song, only to find out it's actually Maria McKee and 'Show me Heaven' (as it was in my case), use Midomi, and put your mind at rest.

Picture Courtesy of Midomi

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