Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Men's Fashion: the Polka Dots are in town!

I was really touched by some of the comments regarding my first Fashion piece on Men's Summer Styles, so have decided to write more posts on the latest trends for you fashion-conscious guys out there.

This week, I am looking into shirts, and what designs you guys should be wearing. Last year, it was all about the denim and chequered shirts, but this year, designs are changing. For formal wear, polka dots are back in town and looking smarter than ever before.

Usually only acceptable to wear if you are receiving a pension, the polka dot is now acceptable for all ages, and is bang on trend this summer. Long and short sleeve varieties are perfect, depending on the type of occasion. Try going for ones with triangle or square dots too. Check out these styles:

Green Triangle Pattern Shirt

(Topman)                                                    (River Island)

Last week, I mentioned that floral/ Hawaiian style shirts were very much in season, giving your outfits some much-needed colour ahead of the forthcoming summer months. Another interesting design includes the two-toned shirt, featuring two colours. For guys who love denim styles or want to stick out in the crowd, this is the style for you:

Flaxville Shirt
Blue (Blue) Grey/White two tone shirt | 248264140 | New Look       (New Look)

(All Saints)

And the best of the rest; my favourite shirts this week have to go to Zara, for these quirky and eye-catching designs:


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