Monday, 30 April 2012

Review of the Week: Q Magazine

Men's magazine. It's either boobs or more boobs.

Ok, so maybe that's a bit harsh. There are genuinely some decent titles out there. Forget Zoo and Nuts, FHM is a favourite of mine. The magazine has gone through a rapid makeover in recent months, with better interviews, photos and a fantastic Men's fashion section. Then you have Esquire and GQ, all very nice but all for the rich and upper class man. I just end up drooling over the Austin Read suits and pictures of Kiera Knightley, knowing that there's little chance of me getting either (I live in hope!)

So facing a dilemma over what glossy magazine to choose from, I decided to try my luck at Q Magazine. All I knew about Q was that it was a music magazine. I presumed it targeted men, and I gathered it would probably cover more indie artists, judging from the cover.

But alas, I was pleasantly surprised. You see, Q is more of a music bible. It covers every genre possible, from Nicki Minaj in R&B to Icelandic classic/ rock legends Sigur RA.

From just one magazine, I've opened up my mind, and ears, to a whole new wrath of music from people I had never even heard of, yet listened too. Suddenly, my iPod has hits from Santigold, Alabama Shakes, Saint Etienne and many many more.

The best thing about Q is their fantastic music reviews. Not only are they up-to-date, they offer a comprehensive library of artists, again across all genres. Each review gives you information about the artists, as well as selected songs that you should listen too. For me, this was vital, because it meant I could listen to the artists immediately just by searching for their music.

But Q is not all about reviews either. It also features articles on topical news items, such as illegal ticket sites and several interviews with artists and many other personalities. The magazine is also packed with all the latest pictures and gossip from within the music industry.

Altogether, it makes for a really interesting read, and has definitely changed how I view the music industry. So for any man out there struggling to find a decent glossy magazine to read whilst your girlfriend catches up with OK!, try Q. It will rock your world!

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