Monday, 9 April 2012

Review of the Week: Just Dance 2

Computer games. I have often viewed them as a bit of a novelty. From computers to PlayStation's, the world of gaming is now part of our lives whether we like it or not. But does it interest me? Not really. I mean, most of them you end up bored with after one hour, or ranting expletives at the screen. Maybe you do both - as in my case - and then just end up giving up, wondering how you're ever going to get those wasted hours of your life back.

But it's a bit different with Just Dance 2. It has been around for a little while now, but the dancing sensation which sees you moving to songs as they flash up on your screen, is a massive hit worldwide.

I ventured onto the Just Dance scene a year ago, when I was playing with friends at a drunken party. It was so much fun I just knew I had to buy it, despite the £24 price tag. It was hilarious, high octane fun which had me laughing from start to finish, as well as sweating.

It's a simple game. Played on Ninetendo Wii, you basically have your controller in one hand and move about to the music, copying the dancers on screen as they dance to hits such as Outkast's 'Hey Ya' and Harry Belafonte's 'Jump the line'.

You can play on your own, with a friend, or a whole group of friends - just watch the furniture, or each other, as one bruised elbow and a broken lampshade told me! The more the merrier, especially if you have had a few drinks and need to let off some energy.

The song choices vary between each game, with Just Dance 2 offering a competent collection of everything from Katy Perry to Boney M. Dances are usually rated on level, with the player having to copy each dance move perfectly to reach the highest score possible. There are various game modes too, including the complicated 'Simon Says' round and 'Duet' modes.

Ok, the dance moves can be bizarre and very complicated. In just a few songs, I went from Russian dancing to an African raindance, back to shimmying around the room, giving Beyonce a run for her money. Honestly, if I ever went for Strictly Come Dancing, they would sign me up as a professional!

The game also has the song lyrics on screen, forming  a full on affair of music and dance, which together with a tipple or two, results in a rather amusing yet thoroughly rewarding night of entertainment.

Just make sure you have a glass of water with a towel on side ready. You're gonna need it!
4/5 stars

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(Anyone that wishes to challenge me to a Just Dance duel, please leave your name and number and shit will hit the fan!)

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