Friday, 13 April 2012

The New Zealand Diaries: No.10 - There he blows!

Please, no giggling with this post. For any immature people out there, who struggle to hold it together at times of double entendre, tighten your stomach muscles and take a deep breath. You may need it.

Because my next diary entry from my New Zealand adventure is all about blowholes. Jack's Blowhole, to be precise. Located a twenty minute walk from Jack's Bay, the blowhole is a totally new concept, and certainly something I was eager to find.

Jack's Bay is on the edge of the south-east coast of the South Island, with picturesque landscapes, golden sands and deep blue seas. It's a gorgeous place to be, and with a slight fresh breeze brushing through your hair, it was a fabulous set up for what proved to be quite an adventure.

To get to Jack's blowhole, you walk through herds of sheep (literally right through them), across gates and fences and through meadows, slowly climbing the mountain side. Spotting wildlife as you go on your way, it was generally sad when we reached the famous hole.

So what is a blowhole? Well, it is a hole in the land, of quite a gigantic size, with water trapped inside. The waves and surf from the water, depending on the strength of the current, crash together, sending spray from the hole up into the air. On an unsettled day, the water has been known to hit those peering down into the hole.

Luckily for us, we managed to stay dry. From the various viewing spots around the perimeter of Jack's hole, we got magnificent views of the blowhole. Like a gigantic geyser, it was full of clear blue water, surrounded by sea birds and plants of all different species.

There was something quite mystical about the place. Being so far away from the actual coast (although, underground, it's a different story), the hole was certainly fascinating to peer down and get a feel for the atmosphere.

On reflection, it might have been seen as a big whole in the middle of the ground, but what it turned out to be was a place of intrigue and mystery. A whole full to the brim - literally - with history and interest, which with the stunning landscape and gorgeous walk, made for a fantastic few hours in the Catlins.

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